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tv   News  ABC  May 4, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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now "good morning maryland." it's an announcement that caught baltimore city off guard. hear from fred bealefeld on why he is resigning. the story online and coming up on air. >> the ravens have not taken the field and already an scrry report for you this morning. what has happened to terrell suggs? it's spring and time for the
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festivals. the annual flower mart takes place in mount vernon this weekend. we will give you a preview and much more coming up on this friday may 4th of the megan is out on assignment and we will check in with her in a bit. but first a check of the forecast on the friday with lynette charles. >> good morning. good morning everyone. we are looking at some patchy fog this morning. we are -- we do have some reduced visibility. we can see zero. that's not looking good in baltimore this morning. take it easy on the roadways. we have about 5 mile reduced visibility in easton. one in york and 6 in hagerstown. so, the last time i showed you, it was better in baltimore but things are going downhill. that's the scenario through the rest of the morning. we look at maryland's most powerful radar and things are dry. that's one area of good news to report many we won't put showers and storms on you like yesterday on top of the fog. but we will start to have more showers and storms moving if here as we go into the afternoon. and we had them for today. we did get a little over a 10th of an inch of rain in edgemere
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and close to a 4/10 in perry hall many hopefully we will get more showers this afternoon. that's possible. take that rain gear. let's check the time safer traffic with lauren. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as you mentioned, we are dealing with a lot of fog. if you are headed out in parkville, this is the beltway at har foreroad. you -- at harford road. no delays traveling the outer loof from 95 towards 83. that will take you 11 minutes. we have outer loop from 95 towards 83. that will take you 11 minutes. there's an accident along the northbound lanes involving an overturned car at the beltway. that construction does continue to shut down one lane in both directions at 28th street. so, falls road is not a bad alternate and remember the northbound lanes will be shut down as crews continue the work on the drainage pipes from 10 p.m. until 4 a.m. all the way through monday. that's a look at your abc time
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safer traffic. charley back to you. after three decades of public service to baltimore, police commissioner fred bealefeld is calling it a career. er is shy -- sherrie johnson joins with us what led up to the decision and what some are saying caught the city off guard. >> reporter: today at 3:15, we will hear from baltimore city police commissioner fredbealefeld about the decision to step down. he left a impact on charm city going after criminals and determined to catch the bad guys with guns maniacs and what he calls knuckle heads e says he wants to spend more -- he says he wants to spend more tame with his family. after 31 years as member of the baltimore police department and 5 years as commissioner he says it's time to step down. he is one of the longest servingpolice commissioners in the recent history of the police department. he oversaw a drop in the murder rate. a parade of departmental scandals filled headlines and overshadowed his efforts. 16 officers were convicted in a
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kickback scheme involving a towing company and a unarmed marine was killed by a police in a bar flight. he admitss's had a tough year with personal losses and departure co-sides with his 50th birthday and will retire august 1st. there's a nationwide search to find his replacement. there will be no charges or civil case against two jewish neighborhood watch volunteers in connection with the beating of an african american teen in 2010. one of the brothers eliwerdesheim was found guilty and his brother was cleared of all charges. the family of the teen dropped the civil case because they say the child was so emotionally broken up by this trial, his mother said no amount of money was worth putting him through all this again. sentencing for ely is -- eli is set for next month. police need help in finding a man who robbed a quick mart with a knife. this is surveillance photos of
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the suspect. he walked into the quick mart with a knife demanding money. police believe the same man also hit the royal farms. if you have fftion, call police -- information, call police as quickly as possible. 's no -- there's no sign ofisabella celis. during an appearance on the today show her parents released this home video of the 6-year- old. they say they feel the police are keeping them at bay with the investigation and the tucson police chief says they are keeping much of the information close to the vest for right now. a family near orlandoo is forced out of their -- orlando is being forced out of their home due to a sink hole. it is 50 feet deep and it's growing. that family says the ground just opened up overnight swallow in four trees and a hammock and they moved in two months ago. neighbors have been warned the searching hole could be threatening their homes as well. there's no lack of things to do for the weekend. one big event is the towson town prink festival tomorrow
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and sunday and abc2 is a proud sponsor and you can meet some of us. stop by the booth in downtown towson. the festival is form from 10 to 7 and sunday 1 to 7 meg and and i will be there at 10 -- megan and i will be there at 10 and lynette at 12:30. it's anticipated to be a block buster in u.s. theaters. we will look at how much the action film brought in. also, online dating sites are the rage for humans. now, we can match our fluffy and fido with just a click of the mouse. who says you need chemistry lynette? >> all right. so it's going to be very warm and humid today. i will tell you how long the sticky weather sticks around coming up. >> reporter: we are off to a foggy start but no delays just yet here on the beltway at harford road. i will show you what the other main lines look like in the abc2 time safer traffic of course. you are watching good morning maryland. 3q
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office in the u.s. today and it's doing well overseas. it reportedly brought in more than 178 million dollars in ten countries and now with the hype like this they have the chance of snagging the best opening weekend gross of all title going back to the harry potter. if you name an actor they are probably in the movie. social networking is gone to the dogs. there's a website connecting your four legged friends to other pups in the neighborhood. how do they click on the mouse? it's called match and this is the first setup to help owners wanting to breed their dogs. now is it for good for finding puppy play dates and founder says social benefits are not just for dogs. >> dogs are a great ice brashing and using a site like ours you find new relationships -- icebreaker and using a site like ours you find new relationships and friends. >> the site is limited to new
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york city but they athey are po expand through other cities as well. we have heard the phrase no kill as it relates to animal shelters and you may think the definition would be just as simple as the title regarding strays and abandoned dogs and cats but is it really? coming tonight at 11, we will look at what some shelters do to qualify as no kill and they are bending the nopes and stats to meet the purpose. also -- numbers and stats to meet the purpose. and what a group of animal groups are doing to keep animals alive and into as many homes as possible. that's tonight on abc2 news at 11. he thought it was a sprain but doctors now confirmed the injury that will have the ravens linebacker terrell suggs off his feet for a while. >> they are my heros. they saved my muttt. >> -- mutt. >> the tiny girls new what to -- knew what to do when their grandfather couldn't move. what they did when good morning
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now "good morning maryland." >> welcome back. preseason practice has not started and as a ravens fan we are getting tough news.
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terrell sug-gs is hurt and could miss some or all of the season. he tore his achilles tendon while work in arizona and is expected to have surgery next week. we went to a doctor for a best guess at the prognosis. let's listen. >> my suspicion is that it's theoretically possible to safely go back and play football late in the season meaning his chance of reinjury is not so great at that point that it's safe to go back. but, my -- the other suspicion i have is that you probably won't be at full capacity until the 2013 season is my guess. >> he is coming off the best season winning the defensive player of the year award. on the twitter account he says i will be in a ravens uniform in 2012. the ravens issued a statement saying they will know more next week when suggs talks to a specialist. we want to know what you think. is he can't play well, how is it going to help in his role and who will step into that
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spot? head to the facebook fan page and weigh in and let us know what you think about suggs possibly being out for the seaon. as it gets warmer there are more and more activities. and megan pringle is live downtown with a list of great ideas you may want to consider with your family. what's going on? >> reporter: well, one of the ideas is pierce's park. it's brand new. and sunday there's going to be a ribbon cutting. this park is awesome. right now, i have no idea what i am standing in. it's a horn but i do know that when i was a kid, and i will be honest as an adult i would love to craw through this and that is opportunity for kids in the city or out of the city coming to the city to do that. we are right now in the heart of baltimore. behind us is the inner harbor. you can see there's the barnes and noble so you can walk to little italy and dragon boats. that is great place for the whole family. and really, it's a neat place for a mom to come with a stroller or quiet space in the heart of baltimore or if you want to bring the kid, check it
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out. there's a news cal wall where you can play the xylophone. and i will bring in judy o'brien and she is with the downtown baltimore family alines. that is great opportunity for kid to enjoy green space. >> it is. we are so delighted the park became to fry significance. true wigs. we are -- to fruition. a lot of people say there's no place in the city for the families and this proves them wrong. >> this is about advocating for families who choose to raise their kids in the city and we live in row houses without backyards. so it's really important for us to have green space to walk where our children can play and scoot and run around. >> reporter: i appreciate you coming down here. we should scoot down this. >> that would be fun. >> reporter: all right. so we will give that a try. in the meantime, we are looking at the parkch and it's one acre and it's a great place to come.
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so again, on sunday, come check it out. there are other things in the city going on this weekend if you can't make it to the park for example, today and tomorrow, flowermart is a great opportunity for families. that's such a spectacular annual event in mount vernon. we will show you some video and give you the information about that. it goes on this weekend from 11 to 8 p.m. and they have everything from a pet parade to wild flower and costume contest and music. great food. flowermart is a great part of baltimore. there's a hat contest. so a good place to go and if you are look for people watching, then check out the kinetic sculpture race starting at federal hill at 10 in the morning. it's an 8-hour race. great place to go and look at the creation people make. and they race their boats in the water and they race hem in the city and it's an 8--- them in the city. it's a 8-hour race. i encourage you to go to the
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american visionary arts museum and look at spectator's guide to gib you a good place to watch everything. stick with us this morning,because we are going to talk to pierce flanigan's wife a little bit about what kind of man he was and how much the park means to the city and we are going to maybe crawl through this. so i will send it back to you. i know you are jealous in the studio. >> i am very jealous. go ahead, crawl through it and let us know how it was. we have got details about all those events at abc2 but if you are look for other free things check out free sample mama. she will tell you how to get a great free kids meal and where to get free mother's day cards. go to the lifestyle section of our website, again, abc2 news.con. a parkville man has two granddaughters to thank for being alive. they jumped into action when their grandfather took a fall. he got on the phone and they immediately called 911. the mom says she is not surprised by what they did because they have been told
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exactly what to do in the event of an emergency. >> they have been taught about my seizures ever since they were old enough to realize what was going on. >> the mom was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 11. baltimore county officials will honor emily and riley with the heroic act.>> hi. >> hi. i was going to say kids are so smart and it makes me smile. >> and the thing is they pay much more attention than we realize and they do pick up the little things. >> little sponges and we have to love them. we don't have to a love this fog out there this morning. it's pesky and we have reduced visibility. we have dense fog now in baltimore. we see a big goose egg. and we have 5 miles of visibility in easton. one in york and 6 in hagerstown. one in culpepper. that's going to be the culprit this morning. right now, we are looking at temperatures that are mild. we are at 61 in baltimore but we are a little cooler along
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the coastal areas. you can see in the green that's because we are getting onshore flow that's all courtesy of a back door front sliding through in its wake onshore flow is cooling things down and we are getting the eastern flow but we see the 70s in st. louis and 72 in memphis. very warm and we will warm things up going into the afternoon. you should see the forecast. it's coming. satellite and radar not picking up on a lot of things close to home here. we are dry and we had our round of showers and thunderstorms but look at the nasty thunderstorms back moving into west virginia as of now. we do have a chance for more scattered showers and strong storms possibly severe as we go more into the afternoon. we will get heating of the day and we will get the instability and then boom, there goes the dynamite with more showers and storms. future trend picking up on scattered showers. not everybody will get wet going through today and also tomorrow. but it's going to be humid today with that temperature coming in right around 86 degrees. it's very summer like pattern we have for a today and also
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tomorrow. here's the 7-day forecast. as we will start to cool down nicely as we go into sunday, more seasonable heading into next week. let's check with lauren with the time safer traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are dealing with a lot of fog out there this morning. no delays here on 95 just north of 695. that southwest corridor in great shape heading to 495 or up towards the beltway. we have some problems on 695. we are dealing with a new accident right around the inner loop at the jfx. keep that in mind. and we do have all of that ongoing construction. so one lane will be shut down in both directions at 28th street. the northbound lanes will be shut down altogether later tonight beginning at 10 p.m. that's through 4 a.m. and that will continue through monday. falls road never a bad alternate route. that is a look at your abc2 time safer traffic. charley, back over to you. the sanford florida police department has been under a lot of scrutiny. coming, an announcement about the city and the handling of
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theinvestigation. and teens and sex. why more girls are choosing the best kind of birth control and what it doors for the teen birth rate. good morning maryland continues.
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news scorches being held to introduce the interim police chief. more teen girls use the best birth control. a study records 60% of teen girls who have sex use the most effective kind of contraception including the pill and pap up from the mid-90s when-- patch up from the mid-90s when half were ewing the most effective forms. it's a dangerous prank and police don't want you gettinghurt. they say don't rush to pick up bottles that may be laying around in your neighborhood. we will exlane why in a second. -- explain why in a second. and dog lovers in maryland are sounding off. they want a new ruling about pit bulls overturned and what city officials in san francisco are doing to get homeless people off the street tonight. lynette. >> and patchy fog is a concern. i will tell you how long it is
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going to last. details coming up. >> reporter: expect reduced visibility but no delays here on 95 at the beltway. i will show you what the other main lines look like coming up in my abc2 time safer traffic report. you are watching "good morning maryland." abracadabra. new hershey's milk chocolate with almonds in pieces. your favorites, in pieces.
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